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High water bill?

A high water bill is always an unwelcome surprise!

The most common question we are asked is where did all the water go?

The answer is normally very simple, the top 5 water vampires:

#1 Leaking or running toilets- Toilets can silently waste over 100 gallons of water per day.

#2 Dripping faucets. Even a slow drip can add up to a few gallons down the drain every hour.

#3 Water heaters- Water heaters are normally hidden away in the basement were a leak can go unseen for days or even weeks until there is a larger problem.

#4 Water treatment equipment- Most household water treatment systems like water softeners, silently operate through there self cleanings in the middle of the night, and can get stuck in a rinse cycle to long sending gallons of water down the drain every minute.

#5 HVAC system humidifier- Certain styles of humidifiers run a constant steady stream of water over a filter to disperse the water into the air. When the filters fill up with mineral deposits they become less effective causing extra water to be unused and going right down the drain.

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